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Posted by arkoirisangel - 2 weeks ago

I'm not posting this on Twitter...only Newgrounds gets to see my feelings.

This year started out incredibly bad. I had a hard time trusting a lot of people and I cut a lot of people out of my life. I was under the grasp of bad people for almost my entire life and I finally cut away. My self esteem was just completely nonexistent at this point and I felt kinda lonely.

I was really unhappy with myself and my art and I was lost for a long time on what to do. Then I started talking to @mogy64 and @cashumeru a bit more and I started to feel like I could trust people again. I started to get confidence back in my art and had the drive to keep improving and posting. They were really sweet to me and their art inspired me so much. It felt nice feeling loved and supported instead of being knocked down all the time.

Then @Xinxinix invited me to the NG Block Party last minute and I got super nervous T_T All these cool people were listed in the line-up and I felt like I was still a beginner and barely getting to know people. Even though I couldn't draw much during the live stream, I still had a fun time talking and after that, I made close friends with the group I was placed with :)

And I love them so dearly. I don't know where I would be without them.

It's so strange. I never knew how much Newgrounds would impact my life later on in my adulthood. I used to hop on every day after school when I was little and frequent the video games portals and mindlessly watch the Sonic flash animations or watch There She Is!! so many times. Before Youtube, my favorite websites were Newgrounds and Homestar Runner's website and both have a really special place in my heart.

I feel really welcomed in the Newgrounds community and I want to thank everyone that I've met this year and people that I've befriended.

Also being frontpaged for the first time felt really nice LOL. I struggled a lot with this piece but I'm glad I was able to squeeze this out and challenge myself :D I want to participate in more Newgrounds events in the future for sure!

Pool Party 2020 Entry


If you're still reading this, thank you so much everyone for making this year a bit better on my heart :') I wish you all a Happy New Year's 2021 and I hope everything can work out for us next year. I look forward to meeting more people on Newgrounds and continuing to improve my art!

Love, Arkito <3



Posted by arkoirisangel - October 22nd, 2020

Need to draw her in memes


Posted by arkoirisangel - October 8th, 2020

I haven't been on NG in a while and there was a lotta cool stuff to look at! So I had to favorite everything of course!

Hope October finds you all well. <3



Posted by arkoirisangel - September 14th, 2020

I'm still alive just working on commissions super slowly. After this, I might take some time to work on my own projects and hold off commissions for a while :)

Hope everyone is doing ok!



Posted by arkoirisangel - August 30th, 2020

Hi guys. Aaaaa thank you to everyone that came yesterday and I'm glad I got to meet a lot of cool people ToT

Thank you to the new followers I have too! Welcome welcome! I post art here and on Twitter frequently!

I've been lurking Newgrounds since 2002-2003 and it's changed so much! I didn't decide to become a part of the community until much recently and it feels really nice getting to meet so many talented people. I hope I can participate in more future collabs/jams or events here on NG in the future. It literally is a safe haven for creators and I can't thank the site enough :) I've grown to love so many artists when I've treaded the site in my childhood and now, posting my own art here feels surreal! But I'm glad I'm here!

I hope I can provide great content for everyone following me and that I can make new friends here on the site!!

Thank you so much for following me and my work! Please take care!



Posted by arkoirisangel - July 28th, 2020

Hi, everyone. I'm currently offering $40 full body commissions. If you would like a background, the price can be negotiable. Below are some of my more recent works but I can work in other styles as well. If you are interested, please contact me here, on Twitter or through e-mail.

Below are the commission guidelines. If you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks!




Posted by arkoirisangel - December 12th, 2019

just in case twitter ends up like tumblr, i will literally just end up using newgrounds to upload stuff. plus, i've been thinking about going somewhere else to post stuff. nice to meet y'all tho. been using this site for a long time.